5 Best Spots to Visit in Italy

Ready to eat your way through Italy? A holiday to this country is sure to be filled with great food, wine, and an experience of the incredible warm culture that you’ll never forget. Here are 5 must-see destinations in Italy:


It’s one of the most romantic cities in the world, but don’t shy away from Venice if you aren’t in a couple! It’s iconic and gorgeous to rest in Venice no matter who you’re with or what time of year you go. You can go for a gondola ride if you want the quintessential Venice experience, or just take photos of the lovely boats. Some hotels in Venice can organize you some great things to do here! There is no shortage of great photo op’s in this gorgeous city.


There are many great reasons to visit Naples, but we’re going to touch on the number one reason here: PIZZA! Naples is home to pizza, so what more needs to be said?! The classic pizza Napoletana is fired at an extreme high temperature in the pizza oven for a short time, giving it the perfect thin, salty and chewy crust that’s unmatched anywhere else in the world.


Florence is a must-see destination for art and culture lovers. Don’t miss seeing Michelangelo’s David (but make sure to arrive early to avoid the horrendous queues in high season.) The Uffizi museum is another great pick for art lovers, and you can browse through local artists’ works right outside. Later, stroll through the leather market and enjoy a fine pizza and gelato.


While not on most tourists’ itineraries, Bologna is a charming city with fantastic food and some beautiful architecture. It’s also home to the world’s oldest university, so you’ll experience a youthful vibe and some cheaper prices than other cities in Italy. Bologna has some of the country’s best pasta. They are world-famous for pasta Bolognese, a ragu-type red sauce made with meat. The lasagna, tortellini and spaghetti here are also to die for!

Cinque Terre

The beautiful five colorful villages towering over the rugged coastline in Liguria are an unforgettable experience in Italy. You’ll start out by taking a scenic boat ride to the southern-most town. At that point, you’re in for a day-long hike! Trek back through all five towns, stopping for pizza and gelato along the way if you like! You’ll be treated by incredible views along the way. End the day with an abundant feast of fresh seafoodon the beach in Monterosso, the final village where you’ll end your day.