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Gran Canaria’s Most Interesting Resorts to Visit

The island of Gran Canaria is simply spectacular, and it’s a wonderful place to holiday with the family. However with so many amazing places to stay on the island, how will you know which one is right for you? There are countless luxury resorts and private apartment locations in Gran Canaria, but that doesn’t mean they’re suitable for your family.

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If you’re looking for a relaxing holiday, then you’ll want to stay somewhere away from the main strip, but not too far from the restaurants. If you’re looking for vibrant nightlife, then you’ll want to stay near to the city centre, but not too far away from the beach. To help make your decision a little easier, here’s a short guide to Gran Canaria’s most interesting resorts!


Puerto Rico


This fantastic resort has been building into the surrounding mountains, and although the hotels appear to come out of the earth at strange angles, be assured that everything is where it seems on the inside. There are new hotels and apartments popping up here all the time, and because of its proximity to the beach, they’re near enough fully booked all year round. Apart from the weekend, where the locals come out to play, the beach at Puerto is pretty quiet, so there’s no need to worry about finding a spot or a deck chair.


There are two great shopping centres in Puerto Rico, and there are more than enough bars and clubs in each to keep you occupied for a night or two. The best restaurants however can be found overlooking the beach, and they include Caballito del Mar and La Taberna. If you enjoy freshly caught seafood and traditional Mediterranean dishes, then these are the restaurants for you.




Amadores is another popular resort on Gran Canaria, and the beach nearby is one of the best on the island, making this resort popular for families with children. The sea is quiet and calm, making water activities safe for children, and there’s even lifeguards posted every few meters along the beach during peak tourist season. If you’re looking for a little slice of home, then this is the beach where you’ll find the most British, however in the summer it’s mainly Scandinavians that holiday here. To get there for less, try




One of the best things about Meloneras resort is the vast international crowd that holiday here. If you’re not travelling with the kids, and you’re looking for a party-fuelled summer vacation in Gran Canaria, then this is the resort for you. The bars are full of partiers from all over the world, and it’s a great place to meet new people. Furthermore, Playa del Ingles, another exciting resort, is just down the road in a taxi, so you can even explore there for a night or two.


Playa del Ingles


Another international resort, but not as ‘loud’ as Meloneras, Playa del Ingles is occupied by the more traditional tourist during the summer months. Not only are there great places to eat here, but the setting is more suited to couples, or even families with older children.