Hidden Turks and Caicos

            The Caribbean is becoming one of the most popular destinations for travellers seeking beautiful beaches, coral reefs and luxury hotels and spas. The Caribbean itself is made up of twenty eight different island nations and seven thousand different islands giving the would-be holidaymaker quite a headache when deciding where to go and what to see. One option is the small British colony of the Turks and Caicos islands which can be found Southeast of the Bahamas, you’ll find some of the best places to stay in Turks and Caicos here.


            At first glance many a tourist would consider the main islands of Providenciales and Grand Turk which is where you will arrive by air or sea depending on your particular choice of transport. There are however a number of other islands and Cays to explore if you want to get a little bit further away from the more visited tourist areas. North Caicos is probably the greenest of all the islands because it does get slightly more rain than the others but is still a beautiful place to visit for its abundance of flora and fauna to be found there. For birdwatchers, North Caicos has the islands biggest pink flamingo population and ospreys can be found nesting at Three Marys Caves also. An exceptional place to visit is the Bottle Creek village lagoon that is cut off from the sea by a long sandbar. Getting to North Caicos is easily done by ferry or short connecting flight from the main airport on Providenciales.

The island of South Caicos boasts a rich and colourful history as it was once the islands largest producer of salt and much of the island reflects this with the huge salt flats and disused saltworks and the Boiling Hole which kept the flats fed with raw material. There is also the Commissioners House where Queen Elizabeth of the UK resided on a visit there in 1966 again reflecting the closeness of the islands with its British connections. South Caicos is also the home of a large iguana population found in the protected reserve at Long Cay.

If you have a considerable budget then why not consider the island of the rich and famous and possibly the most exclusive resort in the world, Parrot Cay. Originally named after female pirate Anne Bonny this luxury one thousand acre island is really for those who want absolute solitude and privacy. You never know you might bump into a famous movie or rock star. Both actor Bruce Willis and musician Keith Richards have beach side homes here.

Have you been on a luxury holiday recently or are you currently planning one? It would be brilliant if we, as a travel community, can share all our tips, experiences and questions with one another. Just comment underneath the article to share with all of us. I think a luxury holiday is something that we should all experience at least once in a lifetime, so if we can all help each other to make it even more luxurious it would be great!


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