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He is the former president of the Black Student Alliance, a member of Dukes and Duchesses, a student ambassador group for the Office of the University President and was one of ten undergraduate students in the nation named a Thomas R. Pickering Foreign Affairs Fellow last year.”I’m very overwhelmed with how much support that was shown throughout the election,” Edwards said. He explained that he had left his positions on specific issues vague because of the way that the Young Trustee role was outlined by Richard Ridell, vice president and university secretary, who advised candidates not to advance stances on issues during this year’s election.Edwards will serve a two-year term, his first year as a non-voting member.

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Zhang said that DSG was “extremely excited” about the increased voter turnout.Rooney noted he thought Edwards is well-prepared for serving on the Board.“I’d love to get on the Board the easy way, which is hopefully strike rich, make some money, donate for Duke in Jerusalem and then join the Board the easy way down the road,” Schreiber said jokingly.Schreiber said he hopes to get on the Board in the future and further contribute to the University.Edwards said he enjoyed meeting with student groups across campus during his two-week campaign. He captured all six endorsements authored by student organizations published in The Chronicle and garnered four others published on Facebook.“[Schreiber and Rooney] are both great and have reached out giving support… I definitely learned a lot from both of them,” Edwards said.

Edwards’ quadruplet areas of centering during the drive included entree and fairness, multifariousness and inclusivity, intimate round and gender-based furiousness and institutional procession.In his movement, Edwards emphatic his across-the-board reach of know and imaginativeness for the University’s next. He wrote in an email to The Chronicle Feb. 1 that he “wants to commit it rear and pay it forward-moving by service the University loose.”The election saw importantly higher vote than premature days. Edwards attained scarce clxxx fewer votes than the aggregate act of voters in the election finale class. Therein twelvemonth’s airstream, 3,452 students hurl ballots, pregnant l 3 percentage of the amount undergrad universe participated in the election— a hearty uptick from last year’s thirty eight percent turnout.

Update: This story was updated late Wednesday to include quotes from all of the candidates and Thursday afternoon to clarify the tone of Schreiber’s last quote.

Zhang called the election “unusual” because its winner captured such a large proportion of the vote. Because Edwards earned the majority of the votes, there was no need for tallying through instant runoff and the results were available immediately post-election, Zhang said.

“There’s no better opportunity than being on the Board of Trustees and really having the vision to lead Duke,” Schreiber  said. “Jamal earned the right to do that and I wish him all the best.”

Senior Jamal Edwards was elected undergraduate Young Trustee Wednesday.

Senior Jamal Edwards was selected by the student body as Duke’s next undergraduate Young Trustee.

Edwards also said that he learned from his opponents in the race.

“I see the role as an opportunity to be a trusted steward of the University and after embedding myself in so many different communities on campus, I know I have what it takes to help make Duke’s best, better,” Edwards wrote.

His original website did not elaborate on these points, although it was updated Monday to include more specific information on each area.

Edwards won the election with 2,302 votes, senior Max Schreiber came in second with six hundred twenty two votes and senior Wills Rooney came in third with five hundred twenty eight votes, wrote senior Robin Zhang, Duke Student Government attorney general, in an email Wednesday.

Edwards is a Robertson scholar majoring in global health at Duke and journalism at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.Schreiber and Rooney both aforementioned they were grateful for the chance to link with students done the feel

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