Keeping your lipstick on your lips

Putting on some fab red lipstick is the perfect way for you to glam it up and stay festive over the holiday season. The only major problem is that there are so many tasty treats to devour, meals to be gorge on and plenty of kisses under the mistletoe, meaning that your rocking red lipstick might just end up everywhere else than on your lips. So to make sure that your lips stay look fabulous and you don’t end up with the dreaded ‘clown mouth,’ you should follow these very simple steps to make sure that your lipstick stays on your lips where it belongs.


When you’re taking your shower in the morning you need to make sure that you scrub your lips whilst you are doing the rest of your face. Usually during the winter your lips can get a little chapped, so gently exfoliating will make sure that the flakes are smoothed out.


With the winter chill really kicking in and temperatures dropping so quickly, you need to moisturise everything, and that includes your lips. So make sure that you’re well stocked up with chapstick so that your lips don’t get chapped, you should also make an effort to put it on before you slap on your lipstick.

Prime and Line

The first step to getting your lips ready to look gorgeous is to find an easy to apply primer, this gets your lips ready to the bolder colour. As soon as the lip primer has been absorbed it’s time for you to outline the lips with a liner. Make sure that the liner is the matches your natural lip colour.

Add the red

When you apply your red lipstick you should do so in two swipes. Be sure to blot a couple of times with a piece of tissue then go for another swipe of the red, then another blot. You should repeat this until you’ve finally found the desired colour of your lipstick.

Set with powder

That’s right! You should put powder on your lips. A light powder is a great way to make sure that the colour stays in place even after that early morning coffee.

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