Reasons To Hire A Private Tutor

Why get a Private Tutor for your child

A tutor can be very beneficial to your child’s learning and ability to learn.  There are many private students in Hong Kong 補習學生 香港 getting extra help these days.

Some of these benefits include;
More comprehensive understanding of class material
Higher self-esteem and confidence in their ability
Less stress and anxiety with regards to exams and coursework
Potential to make learning easier and fun
Improving grades and productivity
Increased time for extracurricular activities
Your child will receive support in the areas they require it most
The private tutor is focused solely on one child’s needs

When to get a tutor

For some parents it is obvious when their child is struggling in school and it is necessary they receive additional help outside the classroom. For other, more subtle signs can be indicative that the child will benefit from the help of Hong Kong private tutors 香港 私人補習老師

Some signs that a pupil is struggling can include the following;

  • A sudden lack of motivation
  • A dip in grades
  • Poor performance in class
  • Struggling with coursework
  • Failure to hand in homework
  • Unwillingness to study
  • Claiming illness to get off school
  • Consistently unwilling to go to school on certain days when they have a particular subject or teacher

It is at this stage you want to intervene in your child’s progress at school. Ignoring the problem can be detrimental to their future success, and stress and anxiety can be spared by “nipping the problem in the bud”. Do not leave it until things are at a desperate stage, as the added worry and confusion may see your child falter in their coursework or exams.

Choosing a Private Tutor

Hong Kong’s Private Tutors 私人補習老師 香港 are abundant, but it is essential to screen them to find the best match for your child. There are endless questions to ask when choosing a tutor, but this can be tiresome and time consuming. A few things to focus on include;


  • What is their area of expertise?
  • What is their academic training?
  • How experienced are they? (Consider the ages of past students and types of tutoring)
  • What days and times are they available?
  • Can they make a commitment? How reliable are they?
  • Are they willing to travel? If so, do they have their own transport or rely on public transport?
  • If not, where are they located?
  • What are their rates of pay?

Your child’s safety is very important when hiring a tutor. Hiring through an agency ensures that background checks have been done and that the tutor satisfies the safety requirements for working with children.
A number of personal and professional references can also be requested when choosing a tutor in Hong Kong. If a person is going to be working privately with your child it is worth checking the references.

Getting Organised

When you have chosen a suitable match for your child, have a small informal interview with the potential tutor. Bring your son or daughter along to see how well they interact, particularly if their relationship will be long term. A comfortable relationship between tutor and student can greatly aid academic success.