Romance and History Meet in Bakar, Croatia

Romance and History Meet in Bakar, Croatia

Visit Bakar and you will find a quaint city that is strong thanks to its rich history.


Bakar is a Mediterranean city in Gorski Kotar County of Croatia along Bakar Bay.

History Everywhere

The very foundation of Bakar consists of natural resources and buried treasure in a real way, prompting ongoing archeological digs and research studies. When electricity was new to Croatia Bakar was one of the first places to embrace it. Ancient but welcoming to the modern this is a wonderful place to set up an online business to increase the visibility of unique local products.

Make the most of your visit in July with Margaret’s Summer Days, a July 13th celebration of Bakar’s patron saint a reenactment of an historic battle on the Bay of Bakar complete with music and brilliant fireworks.

Romance and History Meet in Bakar, Croatia
Romance and History Meet in Bakar, Croatia

The Church of St. Andrews, and its beautiful bell tower are the third largest church in the late baroque style in all of Croatia. The church was constructed in the 12th century but has seen the ravages of many battles and natural disasters. Restoration efforts have preserved the catacombs that the wealthy people of the region used to hide from the plague in the middle Ages.

Take a tour of the mysterious Turkish House, designed by an unknown architect for an unknown owner in the style of the ancient Ottoman buildings of the 14th century.  There is plenty of local lore about this building, go visit and decide for yourself what the truth may be.

For a breathtaking view check out the lookout point at Hreljin Castle set 321 meters over the sea. The castle and settlement remains are from the 13th century. If you like to hike take in St. George’s bell tower and the ruins of the Church of the Holy Virgin Mary.

Great for Couples

A sweet coastal village Bakar’s main street makes for a wonderful romantic walk among stone buildings that have been there for close to forever. When you’re looking for a place to stay check out Hotel Jadran. It is one of the oldest in the area with doors opening in 1905, but has been recently renovated. The charm and romance remain, the utilities are new and welcoming.

The “Dry Stone Walls”, built by the wives of local seamen lie on the outskirts of town on the grounds of a vineyard you will not want to miss. Belina grapes grow along the cliff sides of the Bakar Bay and are harvested for a sparkling wine you must try, “Bakarska Vodica” a taste you can order from online businesses once you have returned home if you find yourself missing Croatia.

The more physical travelers will want to spend time on biking and hiking paths of National Park Risnjakbiking that will challenge and delight.

Bring home local specialties as souvenirs including the famous Bakar Biskot, I was unable to find an online business selling these, there may be an opportunity here. This town is tiny, no mistake but packed pull with fascinating history and monuments that make it well worth your time.