john ward sky diving in new zealand

Skydiving in New Zealand

Take to the sunny clear skies above New Zealand and see the country from a whole new angle!  Skydiving is one of the most popular adventure activities, and what better way is there to take in the beautiful views New Zealand has to offer than from thousands of feet above?

john ward sky diving in new zealand

Why New Zealand?

Though a small country, New Zealand packs quite a punch.  Similar in size to Japan or Great Britain, New Zealand is home to about four million people, so overcrowding is not an issue.  The moderate climate with regular rainfall and lots of sunshine make the country ideal for vacations filled with fun, adventure, and great sightseeing.  To fly to the country cheap tickets are generally available all year.

Perhaps because of its relatively small size, New Zealanders are some of the friendliest people around.  Known as Kiwis, they are a sociable and inviting bunch.  Full of fun and adventure, Kiwis love to travel and to welcome visitors into their world.

The sheer splendor and majesty of the landscape draws visitors from all over the world.  The extraordinary beauty and pristine environment can only be truly experienced in person.  There are very few other locations in the world where one can go from the mountains to rugged coastlines, see spectacular lakes and fjords, or spend a day at the beach then hike on an alpine glacier.  Volcanoes, geysers, lush green valleys, and offshore islands also wait to welcome visitors.
Why skydiving?

Anyone wanting a rush of adrenaline or a vacation to remember should consider skydiving in New Zealand.  The thrill of the free-fall can be compared to nothing else – whether it is one’s first jump from a plane or the 100th.  Newbies can engage in tandem skydiving, where they are strapped to an instructor, or experienced skydivers may want to jump on their own.

Imagine the jolt of excitement as one jumps from the plane at between 8,000 and 15,000 feet, then free falling at 125 mph for a full minute before the parachute is deployed.  The burst of exhilaration is immediately followed by the serene experience of floating to the ground for the next five minutes or so, taking in some of the most gorgeous scenery one has ever seen.  Don’t forget a photographer to capture the moment for the family memory book!

While there’s nothing quite like the rush of skydiving, the experience is magnified tenfold when it is done in New Zealand.  The magnificent landscapes and pleasant weather allow for skydiving all year, though it will always be subject to wind conditions.


Where to jump?

Be prepared for great excitement, truly spectacular views and varying scenery during a jump.  This is perhaps why New Zealand is the perfect destination for those who love thrills, adventures, and the jump!  With options from one end of the county to the other, thrill-seekers can select jumps over majestic mountains, beautiful bays, sprawling cities, unspoilt fjordland, and pristine beaches.

Skydive in Queenstown or Lake Wanaka and get a full understanding of the vastness of the Central Otago high country, while also catching a glimpse of snow-capped mountains surrounding the blue, jewel-like lakes.  For volcanic landscapes and gleaming waters, schedule a jump at the Bay of Plenty.

Some of the best skydives are in Auckland, Taupo, Rotorua, Hastings, Queenstown, Wanaka, and Christchurch.  However, it is worth noting that Auckland offers the highest skydive in the country, with a few jumps at over 15,000 feet.  There are plenty of skydiving operations throughout New Zealand, so simply do a little research and get ready to jump!