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Travelling New Zealand

There are different ways to travel New Zealand; on foot, on a car, a campervan or a ferry ride. When you plan to visit the land of the Kiwis, one of your top most concerns is your means of transportation in order to travel from one island to another. You can hire a camper van from wilderness rentals or a station wagon from snap rentals in order to have a vehicle when touring around. However, you cannot reach the other islands on a car. Good thing there is an elaborate ferry system that is placed to transport tourists to their destinations.

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Tourists will cross the 12-mile Cook Straight in order to reach the North or South Island. It connects the Tasman Sea with the Pacific Ocean and the only other way to travel between islands other than by plane. It offers a passage between Wellington and Picton and travels for two or three hours between six in the morning and six in the afternoon. The ferry also transport cars and campervans so if you have a vehicle, it won’t be a problem.

However, there are things you need to consider when booking a ferry. First, make sure that you request for a ticket for your vehicle and purchase also another ticket for every person that will be crossing the Cook Strait with you. There is a separate ticket for the vehicle so make sure you give that information on while booking. Next, make sure that you have complete information about the type of a vehicle you will be transporting; a car, campervan or a motorcycle and the make or model as well as the travel dates and times.

The most common ticket used by tourists travelling in a campervan is the Easy Change. As the name implies, this ticket is refundable if the trip is cancelled. Another option to get the Saver Change and Web Saver ticket which is best for those who want to stay for weeks on the island. However, these tickets are not flexible but a lot cheaper and more practical. On the other hand, those who want to travel in style, choose the Kaitakai ferries. They offer a lounge for additional fee.

Travelling New Zealand is easy if you know your options very well. You can travel by land, by sea or by plane. The key to the success of the trip is in knowing how you want to travel, how long you will be staying and what type of things you want to see and experience.

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