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Visiting Antarctica: Things To Do


How to get to Antarctica is a strange question, because you would never think of visiting there. I had the chance to go and I loved it there and I just had to make this blog post to share some of the amazing things that I was lucky enough to do and see there. So read on to find out more about some of the truly unique things that you can do in Antarctica.

The South Shetland Islands

These islands are the first stop in your Antarctic cruise across the Drake Passage and the first answer to how to get to Antarctica. Many cruise ships take the time to stop here, especially due to the accessibility of the islands and the fact that you are able to get off the ship and explore. These islands also have a great significance in terms of history (Ernest Shackleton was actually stranded on Elephant Island), stunning scenery and the wildlife (many islands are home to a large number of penguins).

One of my personal favourite things to do was to do a tour on a Zodiac boat. These are the rubber boats that have a small motor on them. These are great because they allow you to leave your cruise ship and really get up close and personal with the wildlife and the stunning landscape. You really can’t picture the sheer size of the ice and the icebergs until you see it up close and personal.

Go kayaking

This is something that you can tell your friends about for the rest of your life, I am sure that nobody has kayaked in a place as unique as Antarctica, not to mention the amazing things that you get to see in the process. I absolutely loved doing this, it was just amazing to maneuver the icebergs and masses of ice in the Antarctic waters. I also had the opportunity to get a bit closer to some of the wildlife, which was also a highlight.

Get up close and personal with penguins

There are a huge variety of penguins in the region, my favourites of course are the stately Emperor penguins. There are also many  other types of penguins in Antarctica, like Adelies. These good natured animals are extremely exciting to watch, especially due to their curious and playful nature.


That’s right, swimming is possible, although it won’t be very warm! This is not something for the faint hearted, because it is without a doubt going to be the coldest two seconds that you experience in your entire life. I personally wasn’t game enough to try, but this is perfect for the thrill seeker.


Sleeping on the continent
It is indeed possible to sleep on the Antarctic mainland in a tent and very few visitors actually get the chance to do this.This is due to the fact that many cruise ships don’t allow you to actually get off when going around the coast of mainland Antarctica. This is an experience that is truly special and you can even relive the experience that the famous Antarctic explorers, like Mawson and Shackleton, experienced.

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