Hollywood film composer Danny Elfman unveils political T.V. ad in swing states

Calls potential Sarah Palin presidency “our greatest fear” 

Los Angeles, CA — October 28, 2008 — He writes music for films that tap into some of our greatest nightmares, but what is acclaimed composer Danny Elfman’s greatest fear? President Sarah Palin. And that is the heart of a powerful new TV ad airing today, produced by Elfman’s newly formed political action committee (PAC), OurGreatestFear.org.

The threat of a Palin presidency is so credible, Elfman explains, it has driven him to get the message out to voters before the November 4 election. “Undecided voters need tohink about the fact that John McCain’s advanced age and his continuing battle with cancer mean that the probability of him not completing his term simply too high. And the very real possibility of Sarah Palin at as Commander-in-Chief of the most powerful military force in the world is unacceptable– even unimaginable!”

Elfman emphasizes that these final moments of the campaign are crucial for reaching voters who are still not sure if John McCain is the right choice. “We’re running this ad in critical swing states Ohio and Pennsylvania, and hoping concerned Americans will offer their support to get the ad into Florida and Nevada.”

The ad can also be viewed on the PAC’s Web site www.OurGreatestFear.org and on YouTube.

In addition to the initial TV ad buys, Elfman and activists involved with OurGreatestFear.org PAC are also reaching out to his fan base and political bloggers.

Elfman, who has never participated in politics before, believes the ad’s message will resonate with millions of voters who understand that a vote for McCain is far too likely to deal America an unpredictable wildcard at time of national crisis.

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