How to Become a Fashion Photographer

Becoming a fashion photographer can be a very smart career move. In actuality, making a living as a photographer in the fleeting sartorial world is much more possible than you think. Of course, you have slimmer chances for working with the biggest magazines, but it doesn’t hurt to dream and work your way up. In the meantime, you can build your portfolio and reach out to smaller brands and designers that may need a photographer to shoot look books, line sheets and advertising materials. Plus, with the wider availability of digital photography, anyone with a strong eye can become a successful fashion photographer. Here is how to become a fashion photographer.

First, you must have a passion for photography. Do you see imagery and want to capture the same emotions with a camera? Do have favorite photographers? Do you have a lot of cameras? All of these things will be important, because if you don’t have a strong interest in fashion photography and if you are just doing it for the money, you not only won’t be as successful – you also won’t enjoy it. This is why you really want to think about your intentions before you enter the industry – you don’t want to be stuck in a job you don’t like.

If you have established that you have a passion for fashion photography, you want to get some basic lessons on how to use cameras, lights and other equipment. Becoming a fashion photographer is not like becoming any other type of photographer – you need to know how to light subjects and clothing, so that the details stand out. Anyone can take a picture of someone wearing a dress, but only a fashion photographer can take a picture of someone wearing a dress and inspire people to purchase that dress.

In some cases, you may want to attend a college that specializes in fashion photography. These schools have professors that work in the industry, so not only do you get invaluable lessons on how to use cameras and lights, but you also build knowledge on how to navigate the industry. Perhaps most importantly, though, going to school can give you the arena to build a portfolio. When it comes to looking for jobs as a photographer, your portfolio will be stronger than a written resume. For instance, if you look at the portfolio of A Day of Bliss Photography Inc. – you will see all their best shots on display. When it comes down to it, your portfolio will include your best work, a glimpse of your style and it will show how experienced and knowledgeable you are.

In the end, becoming a fashion photographer takes a combination of experience, legwork and luck. When you have your portfolio and when you are ready to get out there, you want to build a website so that you can have something to show to potential clients. You may also want to send a friendly message to designers and clothing brands. In the end, all it takes is landing one client and the rest will line up – it isn’t so much about who you know, it is about presenting yourself as a photographer that people should know about.

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