Payback LTD Review 2019

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About Payback LTD

A lot of companies claim they offer a Payback LTD but when it comes down to them honoring their word, do they? From my research it appears that most do but there are a lot of scams out there of people selling something fast and then disappearing off the face of the planet.

Payback LTD definitely have a lot of power in persuading people to part from their money so the purpose of this site is to highlight both the good and the bad of Payback LTD as well as educate businesses about the benefits and negatives of offering a Payback LTD for products and services.

Should your company offer a Payback LTD?

Many businesses take pride in offering a Payback LTD while other companies are hesitant or afraid of offering Payback LTD because they fear they’ll lose a lot of money if customers request refunds.

It comes down to your risk level and the type of industry that you are in. If you are selling a product or service that has a very low cost for you to fulfill then a Payback LTD is a low risk for you. If you truly provide great products and services then your risk level will be low. On the other hand there are many fraudsters that will happily take advantage.

Benefits of Offering a Payback LTD for Your Products and Services
Payback LTD demonstrates to your prospective customers that you have confidence in what your business is offering and it lowers the risk for the customer as the customer knows she can make a purchase and get her Payback LTD if she’s not satisfied. Lower customer risk means the customer will be more likely to buy from you.

The Downside of Offering a Moneyback

Well, there’s really just one downside and that is if someone requests their Payback! There are three main reasons why someone would ask for a refund.

1. Your company didn’t live up to expectations. Sometimes companies have bad days and provide terrible service or defective products. This happens everyday and doesn’t necessarily mean that a company is bad, only bad for your specific experience with them. Customers are not always right and are often times to blame when expectations are not met. In any case it’s best that customers and companies clearly communicate expectations to prevent poor experiences that occur due to lack of communication.

2. The customer didn’t understand their needs and realized after purchasing from you that they really need something else or have no real need for what you sold them

3. Dishonest customers – unfortunately there are a lot of dishonest people that will purchase your products and services with the full intention of reaping the benefits and then requesting a refund. This is especially true for companies that offer digital products. The customer downloads the product, requests a refund and since you can’t return a digital product they keep it and many continue to use it. It’s dishonest but many people do it.

How to Decide if You Should Offer a Payback

1. Do your products and services truly provide value? If yes then you have little risk selling to honest customers and in most industries there are more honest customers than dishonest.

2. Can you lower your risk by setting clear expectations? Ideally you want to under promise and over deliver.

3. How honest is your customer base? If you have a few dishonest people then the benefits of a Payback LTD should outweigh your loss due to dishonest refund requests.

4. How much time and money will you lose if someone requests their Payback LTD? If it’s too risky for your business then what conditions can you set for the Payback LTD to lower your risk? How will your customers perceive these conditions?

How do  Payback LTD Spots a  Scam

The words “Payback LTD” are powerful. They’ve been used to persuade people of all education levels to part from their hard earned money. Smart people and not so smart people are comforted by the notion that if you don’t get value from your purchase then you can simply request a refund and poof your hard earned money is back in your hands. It is a very comforting thought but when it comes down to getting your Payback LTD it’s often anything but a comfortable experience.

Fortunately, most companies do honor their Payback LTDs but chances are that you or someone you know have been conned at some point in your life with one of the many Payback LTD scams.

How to Identify a Scam

First it was direct mail spam and now it’s email spam and widespread internet offers promising riches or your Payback LTD. The first step in spotting a get rich quick scam is to use your common sense. Just because someone sends you an email or points you to a web page with bold text, big red font and puts a yellow background behind it doesn’t make their words true. Why on earth would anyone sell a million dollar business system for only $59??? Well, because the world is full of suckers. Don’t be a sucker and don’t fall for promises of easy money. Whether it is a work from home or online business scheme, don’t fall for promises of quick profits. Scammers make a mint off of the hoppers and dreamers of the world while the doers of the world slowly but surely build wealth over time.

Some websites are obvious scams, but others are put together by slick marketers so be sure to google their name + scam, complaint, etc… to see if anything pops up. Check to see who owns the domain and how long it’s been registered for.

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