Yonatan Ben Shimon – What are Quantum Computers Used For?

Today we are interviewing Yonatan Ben Shimon, an investor and entrepreneur in quantum computing technology .

Quantum computers seem to be all the rage at the moment. They are still a novel idea yet to be fully implemented, but they are eliciting a lot of excitement among lovers of technology. But what exactly are these machines and what are they used for? Read on to find out.

Yonatan, What are Quantum Computers?

Yonatan Ben Shimon: The idea of quantum computers was first propagated by Richard Feynman in 1981. At the time, he was one of the most renowned scientists and he actually won a Nobel peace prize for his contributions to science. For a while, the idea of computers that operated on the principles of quantum physics was mind blowing and extremely alien that no one even acted on it. It is only now that scientists are starting to carry out more intensive research on the area.

As can be gathered from the foregoing, quantum computers are those that operate on the principles of quantum physics. And what exactly is quantum physics, you ask? Simply put, it is a study of the laws of nature on a scale of individual atoms and particles. Quantum computers operate on two main principles: superposition and entanglement.

How can we better understand superposition?
Yonatan Ben Shimon: To better understand superposition, it is critical to understand how ordinary computers work. With an ordinary PC, information is represented in one of two states: 0 or 1. For quantum computers, information can be represented in both of those states simultaneously, in units called qubits. This makes them loads faster than ordinary PCs and increases their problem solving capabilities a lot more.

For an ordinary computer, bits are often made to be independent of others around them. With quantum computers however, the very opposite is true. Qubits are made to influence those near them so that they can work together to find solutions to problems. This further boosts their capabilities a great deal.

Yonatan, What are Quantum Computers Used For?
Yonatan Ben Shimon: At the moment, quantum technology is only starting to be used, although it is still too advanced to find much use in the day to day computing needs of the general population. One of its most alluring benefits is that it is exceedingly faster than ordinary computers. Problems that would take thousands of years to be solved on other computers can be solved using quantum technology in a matter of seconds. It is no surprise therefore that this type of technology has found much use with governmental institutions, the military and other research institutions that need analysis of complex sets of data.Quantum computers are also increasingly being used to enhance artificial intelligence and machine learning. They are also being used to improve robotic missions to space. Search engines such as Google are also using them to optimize searches and voice recognition.

Yonatan, your last word about quantum computers?
Yonatan Ben Shimon: There is no doubt that quantum computers are the future of computing. At the moment the technology may be riddled with errors, but a lot of significant improvement is being made progressively. With quantum technology, it will be remarkably easier to solve complicated problems that hitherto remain unsolved. It is only a matter of time before these computers bring radical change to the world of technology.

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